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How to lubricate garage door

We’re going to head outside to the garage and show you how to properly and successfully lubricate your garage door and get that squeaking sound gone. Let’s head out to the garage and get started. All right friends, inside the garage now, and there is the Dupont White Lithium Grease that we did a review […]

How to fix and lubricate a sticky lock

Hey guys. Today I’m going to tell you all about how to lubricate a lock cylinder and specifically how not to and I’m going to show you why. We’re going to start off with the five very common things that everybody and their brother is probably going to tell you to spray down your lock […]

Best glue for EVA foam in 2019 – Buyer’s guide

Having high-quality glue at home is important since it allows you to make quick and cheap repairs to shoes and fabrics in addition to helping you complete other projects effectively. You can also use it to bind tiny pieces of something together, and this is where its industrial application comes in. If you have an […]